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Mahatma Gandhi’s imperishable teachings and achievements are enshrined in the hearts of his countrymen and of the world. Succeeding generations will look up to them and flnd inspiration from them. No more fitting memorial can be raised to his memory which can never fade away. Nevertheless there is a duty cast upon all his countrymen, as well as others, to help in very way in the furtherance of his high ideals by practical work in the sphere of constructive activities, which were so near to his heart and for which he labored unceasingly.

            For this purpose, men and money-men even more than money- are required. It is therefore, necessary that as many men and women as can, who have faith in Gandhiji’s teachings and who are prepared to dedicate themselves to the work which was dear to his heart, should come forward with offers to take it up.

            To enable us to perpetuate his memory, a Gandhi Smarak Nidhi is launched with the object of carrying on constructive activities on an all-India basis. This Fund may also be used to collect, preserve and publish his writing and teachings in various languages, and to maintain a museum where articles connected with Gandhiji may be preserved. The main purpose of the Fund will, however, be to further the manfold constructive activities in which Gandhiji was interested and such other activities of a like nature which give concrete shape to his ideas.


            The Memorial Committee appeals to the people of India to contribute to this National Memorial Fund and suggest individual should give at least ten day’s income to it. The method of utilizing this Fund will be decided choose the Trustees and a Managing Committee. The major part of the Fund will as a rule, be kept apart fie use in the provinces or states where it is the Constructive programme. Details as to the use and management of the fund will be decided by the managing committee subsequently.


            It appears from newspaper reports that efforts are afoot to have local memorials in many places in the country. It is necessary to remember that mahatma Gandhi would in the country. It is necessary to remember that Mahatma Gandhi would not have appreciated and memorial which did not fit in with his teaching and life-work and many of these suggestions which have appeared are such as could not have appealed to him. Further, it is feared that a larger number of memorials would detract attention from the central memorial and may also lead to dissipation of energy and funds. It is, therefore hoped that people would restrain their enthusiasm and concentrate on the Central Memorial Fund.


            All contributions should be paid to any of the following banks or their branches of directly to the office of the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi at 6, Jantar Mantar Road, New Delhi. Imperial Bank of India Ltd., Central Bank of India Ltd., Bank of India Ltd., Hindustan Commercial Bank Ltd., United Commercial Bank Ltd., Bombay Provincial Co-operative Bank Ltd., U.P. Provincial Co-operative Bank Ltd., C.P. & Berar Provincial Co-operative Bank Ltd., Madras Provincial Co-operative Bank Ltd.


            Local Committees are being organized to receive  contributions, which should not be paid to any one not duly authorized to receive them. Arrangements are being made to print coupons which would be preserved by the donors as souvenirs and which can be exchanged for receipts abtained on payment.



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